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New Kindle fiction releases from The Book Folks

Cataloguing the new kindle releases from UK indie publisher The Book Folks.

A new trilogy

THE CORNISH PRINCESS: powerful historical fantasy romance (The Igraine Trilogy Book 1) - Lavinia Collins

The start of a new trilogy by Lavinia Collins. If you like your Arthurian legend hot and steamy, look no further than these books. Centering on Igraine, the mother of the mythical King Arthur, the novel is full of politics, romance, intrigue and more.

great read

TERMINUS: A thrilling police procedural set in Scotland - Pete Brassett

The fifth book in the series and no less tension and suspense than the others. The detectives have a new case that involves a strange figure from Norway. Can the police finger this man before he commits further grave crimes?

Exciting and in parts funny. One to keep.

good fast-paced thriller

RAZORBACK: gripping crime fiction, full of suspense - LOU HOLLY

A good read. Lovable rogue Vint bites off more than he can chew when he gets involved in a small town heist. Although his wits are as sharp as the cut-throat razor he carries, what are the chances he'll get out alive?

full of action

Deliverance - Cole Jackson

When they describe this book as full of action, they are not joking. A great fast-paced easy read with wicked villains and great heroes. Reading Deliverance is like watching a great action movie. It's a classic shoot em up in a modern counter-terrorist setting.

very entertaining

The Count Of The Sahara - Wayne Turmel

Part coming-of-age drama, part exhilarating action-adventure, this is an excellent tale that transports you do a different time and place.

An amateur archaeologist is set on making a big discovery in the Sahara, but he has more than a harsh climate to battle. He must struggle against all who would have him fail.

Unusual but good

Who Follows - Diane M. Dickson

This is a good novel with a creepy stalker theme. It is difficult to point to why it is unusual without giving away some of the plot and that would spoil the surprise. Rest assured however, this is gripping and atmospheric.

knuckle-gnawing suspense

RETRIBUTION RIDGE: a dark, gripping and intense suspense thriller - Anna Willett

If Backwoods Ripper had you chewing your knuckles in suspense, Retribution Ridge certainly will not disappoint. But the tension has a deeper psychological twist in Anna Willett's later book, which has the reader sharing in the entrenched distrust that exists between the two sisters at the centre of this story. This is a book that taps into our own fears of past wrongs, which delivers an exciting, pacey read with the kind of eerieness and impending threat about it that will have you reading long past bedtime.


Falling Foul - A.D. (Bud) Craig

Great end to the series. Delighted to discover that the whole trilogy is available in a single, fat paperback. That's a couple of xmas presents sorted then.

An unusual private investigator

TANGLED TRUTH: a gripping private investigator murder mystery - Diane M Dickson A fine novel by Diane Dickson. After serving time for a crime he did not commit, Simon Fulton exonerates himself and finds the real culprits. Subsequently he is called upon to help someone else in a similar situation. So begins his career as a private eye, but not one free from danger as it turns out. Unwilling to go to the police, he soon finds himself compromised with few places to turn.

immersive, chilling, emotional suspense

BONE BABY: chilling emotional suspense with a killer ending - Diane M Dickson

Diane Dickson has surpassed herself in this new suspense thriller.


It is an unusual book, it follows a woman who lives with a bad secret and has a burning desire to atone for a bad deed. When she does, it gets her into even more trouble.

truly gripping

TO DIE ALONE: A Gripping British Detective Murder Mystery - John Dean

Excellent third book in the series. Can't wait for more.


In this book you are led up a blind alley, thinking you know who the murderer is. But only the brightest readers will guess the true killer.


Excellent read.




Pictures of You - Diane M. Dickson

atmospheric and creepy book about a lodger with an obsession.

good shorts

HIGH PROFILE: gripping short stories - BUD CRAIG

Up to twenty short stories of varying length by crime writer Bud Craig. Some of these stories are quite unusual and leftfield, some of them are real gems often with a nice little twist that you didn't expect. Nice if you are short of time and want a quick distraction.

A woman in danger, a man who'll take risks to protect her

Blue Diamonds - Antonia Marlowe

A consummate example of great fiction writing. On one hand a burgeoning relationship by a threatened woman who begins to feel safe again. On the other, a man hell bent on finding her, and revenging her for having spurned him. Chloe's new boyfriend will have to step to the plate to defend her when these two stories violently collide.


Full of suspense

— feeling big smile
Southside Hustle - Lou Holly

Trick has grown up without a father and he doesn't want the same to happen to his own son. However, he is badly in debt and owes money to the wrong kind of people. When he finds a bag of cash, he thinks his problems may be over. Rather, they've only just begun.

SOUTHSIDE HUSTLE is an action packed thriller full of tension and suspense

gripping fantasy

Morgan - Lavinia Collins

A totally immersive experience, all three books of the Morgan Trilogy by Lavinia Collins, following one of the lesser known women in Arthurian legend.