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New Kindle fiction releases from The Book Folks

Cataloguing the new kindle releases from UK indie publisher The Book Folks.
February 2018
reviewed: First in a great series
This murder mystery kicks off a series of three books that form the SALFORD MURDERS trilogy, also available in paperback. G...
Tackling Death - Bud Craig
read and rated
January 2018
reviewed: Enough twists to make your head spin
You don't get rid of an old stalwart that easily, so DI Munro is back in this murder mystery by Pete Brassett. No swearing, n...
TALION: a Scandinavian noir murder mystery set in Scotland (Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries Book 6) - Pete Brassett
read and rated
January 2018
reviewed: Kidnapped by rednecks
An excellent take on the rednecks in the woods story theme. A non-supernatural horror story that will give fans of Stephen Ki...
BACKWOODS RIPPER: a gripping action suspense thriller - Anna Willett
read and rated
reviewed: Mounting excitement
The excitement mounts quickly in this new thriller by Australian author Anna Willett. A young couple go to a country house fo...
UNWELCOME GUESTS: An atmospheric, suspenseful thriller - Anna Willett
read and rated
December 2017
reviewed: character assassination
This is a character-driven book that packs a hard punch. The story is about a young man who helps an older woman make a roa...
THE SMALLEST CREATURES: A heartbreaking and heartwarming tour de force - Dan McNay
read and rated
December 2017
text: very entertaining
A very enjoyable murder mystery, a police procedural with a credible no-nonsense detective. If you enjoy whodunnits, you'll l...
THE RAILWAY MAN: a DCI Blizzard murder mystery - John Dean
updated shelf
November 2017
text: Captivating murder mystery set in Northern England
Despite touching on quite a grim topic, this is a well-paced and enjoyable read. Blizzard is the kind of detective I like: he...
STRANGE LITTLE GIRL: British Detective John Blizzard Returns - John Dean
October 2017
reviewed: An old grave, a new body
A captivating murder mystery by novelist, John Dean A number of bodies are dug out of an unmarked WWII grave. It should be ...
THE LONG DEAD: A gripping British murder mystery with detective John Blizzard - John Dean