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New Kindle fiction releases from The Book Folks

Cataloguing the new kindle releases from UK indie publisher The Book Folks.
December 2017
reviewed: character assassination
This is a character-driven book that packs a hard punch. The story is about a young man who helps an older woman make a roa...
THE SMALLEST CREATURES: A heartbreaking and heartwarming tour de force - Dan McNay
read and rated
December 2017
text: very entertaining
A very enjoyable murder mystery, a police procedural with a credible no-nonsense detective. If you enjoy whodunnits, you'll l...
THE RAILWAY MAN: a DCI Blizzard murder mystery - John Dean
updated shelf
November 2017
text: Captivating murder mystery set in Northern England
Despite touching on quite a grim topic, this is a well-paced and enjoyable read. Blizzard is the kind of detective I like: he...
STRANGE LITTLE GIRL: British Detective John Blizzard Returns - John Dean
October 2017
reviewed: An old grave, a new body
A captivating murder mystery by novelist, John Dean A number of bodies are dug out of an unmarked WWII grave. It should be ...
THE LONG DEAD: A gripping British murder mystery with detective John Blizzard - John Dean
read and rated
September 2017
reviewed: A new trilogy
The start of a new trilogy by Lavinia Collins. If you like your Arthurian legend hot and steamy, look no further than these b...
THE CORNISH PRINCESS: powerful historical fantasy romance (The Igraine Trilogy Book 1) - Lavinia Collins
read and rated
September 2017
reviewed: great read
The fifth book in the series and no less tension and suspense than the others. The detectives have a new case that involves a...
TERMINUS: A thrilling police procedural set in Scotland - Pete Brassett
read and rated
August 2017
reviewed: good fast-paced thriller
A good read. Lovable rogue Vint bites off more than he can chew when he gets involved in a small town heist. Although his wit...
RAZORBACK: gripping crime fiction, full of suspense - LOU HOLLY
read and rated
August 2017
reviewed: full of action
When they describe this book as full of action, they are not joking. A great fast-paced easy read with wicked villains and gr...
Deliverance - Cole Jackson